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Digital Marketing
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Digital marketing can encompass any multitude of methods to publicize and expand the reach of your business.

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Digital Marketing Strategy and Consulting

When we think digital, we think of the limitless possibilities of the online world, the ability to research and exchange information seamlessly. The goal of any business is to maximize your exposure to potential clients and market your services with minimal expense to generate revenue and profit. A lacking digital marketing strategy, something we will explore further below, will leave your business dead in the water compared to your competition.

  • What is a strategy?
    A digital marketing strategy is a long-term plan subject to adaptation to outline your goals for online exposure and how you intend to achieve those goals.
    Some key factors within a digital marketing strategy are likely to be:

  • Where and how to advertise
    A digital marketing strategy should involve an advert plan for which type of paid advert is most likely to benefit your business. As this plan is implemented, changes are likely to be made as you gather data based on search results, the success of your adverts and which keywords work better than others.

  • How effective is your current search engine optimization?
    Search engine optimization or SEO for short is how likely your website is to show up on search engines and how high up the rankings you are likely to appear. A good digital marketing strategy should assess your current SEO strengths and weaknesses and formulate a plan of how to improve the weakness and reinforce the strengths.

  • Social media performance
    How well is your business currently performing on social media channels? A good digital marketing strategy should assess your current performance and identify weak areas to be corrected. Considering social media is now the forefront of our daily lives and the front line of communication for consumers and businesses, ensuring you have the best presentation possible should be a top priority within your strategy.

  • Tying multiple areas of your strategy together.
    Most businesses typically have a minimum of two social media platforms (you should be utilizing all those that apply for your business of course), a website, Google listing, paid adverts including Adwords and marketing streams such as SMS or e-mail marketing.

    This may seem like a lot of disjointed areas but an excellent marketing strategy should encompass a plan for uniting all of these aspects in order to make them easily manageable and provide clarity and consistency for your business and customers.
    For example, every advert should clearly reflect how you can benefit a customer and the information presented across multiple platforms should be uniform for the most part.

  • Monitoring your strategy and campaigns
    As with sponsored adverts and in fact all areas of your business, you should always be assessing your market strengths and weaknesses and looking to improve and expand your reach. Careful monitoring of a digital marketing strategy after the implementation phase will help you to identify ways to improve your strategy and how it is performing over a period of time.


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