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Dedicated WordPress
Support and Maintenance

Since starting out, WordPress and like so many businesses in the technological field has not only greatly improved its services but diversified to the extent that it is now one of the leading website platforms.

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One of the aspects which undoubtedly makes it stand out from its competitors is the ease of control provided to manage every aspect of your site whilst remaining your website’s individual appearance.

  • Customization and Appearance
    On top of the advantages of customization and sleek appearance, WordPress is a completely free platform and also open-source. This means that it is not solely owned by one person or one company but rather is maintained by a group of volunteers all around the world who are regularly working to improve it. This worldwide team of contributors plays a leading role in the adaptability and uniqueness of every WordPress website.

  • Ease of Use and Plug-ins 
    With WordPress, there are many free themes and plug-ins that you can attach to your website, making it more practical and attractive to the eye. Although these are usually easy to find and installation should be simple, sometimes alterations can be required to make them run smoothly. This is one of the first problems encountered by home website designers and those inexperienced with WordPress. Dedicated support enables you to access help to make your site function as required or to correct any bugs encountered when installing new themes and plug-ins.

  • Dedicated Support
    Aside from these occasional stumbling points, WordPress is a very easy to learn website management system. It allows the quick editing of content and makes updating your company’s digital presence a simple process. This has enabled millions of enthusiasts without technical web building knowledge to start their own websites. Having gained the knowledge of how to log in, finding your way around the site and indeed, editing your own content is simple. Of course, in the event of any issues being encountered, dedicated support is a great asset to help you overcome any hurdles quickly and minimize downtime.

  • Full Control and Access
    Starting up a website for your business is more or less just the same as organizing and presenting your product or service, but unlike many of the free website builders marketed to small-scale entrepreneurs, WordPress allows you full control and does not necessarily mean unwanted adverts and banners forced onto your website detracting from the professional feel desired.

  • Arising Issues
    Some of the more complex issues amateur users may encounter when unfamiliar with WordPress include managing security certificates and backing up your full website. Often, backup processes can be completed partially or incorrectly, something you may not be aware of until you attempt to restore your site by which point it may be too late.

  • WordPress and Website Security
    Correctly installing security measures and certificates onto your website is crucial for providing customers confidence when entering their personal details and payment information into your website. Installing security measures can be complex for new WordPress users and having the resource of dedicated support to answer your questions and walk you through problematic issues can make this arduous process stress free.


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