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Pay Per Click
Google Adwords

Google is undoubtedly the world’s leading search engine and there is little chance of the king of the hill being usurped any time soon.

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Pay Per Click & Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the paid advert and marketing option offered by Google for professionals to increase their market reach and standing, thus increasing turnover and profit margins.

Effectively running an Adwords campaign allows you to compete at the top of the search results with other sponsored adverts. The advantage of this is Google limits it’s search results to a handful of sponsored adverts, meaning there is no risk of you being bumped far down a paid list.
A significant feature of Adwords when comparing it to other paid marketing options is the billing practice. Adwords charges the customer on a per-click basis, meaning you only pay when your advert is actually clicked. Simply appearing in a result will not cost you.

  • Why You Should Use a Company to Manage Your Adwords
    A lot of people run partially successful Adword campaigns. The downside to this is exactly that, the majority of these campaigns are generally not as successful as they could potentially be. When you factor in the time element and loss in productivity or wage charges for an employee or business owner to manage this it becomes easy to see the pitfalls.
    As well as these clear downsides which can be avoided by allowing a reputable management company to deliver your Adwords campaign, you will benefit from people experienced in the field of targeted marketing campaigns.

    Your Adwords campaign is far more likely to deliver better results when using a professional company such as ourselves because our expert staff has devised and adapted trusted methods of running advert campaigns which deliver.

    The quality of your adverts can affect your sponsored position when competing against other paid or sponsored adverts. As with all things that represent your business, it is extremely important that your adverts are concise, accurate and targeted in such a manner as to drive returns on your investment.

  • The Importance of Adaptability.
    Adwords is a long-term objective and not limited to short windows, for example, a few days at a time. Managing your adverts’ performance and making any relevant changes are all crucial success factors to maximize your profit and exposure from an Adwords campaign. As with any targeted marketing campaign, adapting to the market and desires of your potential customers is key. We can take the stress of managing your campaign away from you, leaving you to focus on what you do best – delivering your service to clients

  • Adwords and Search Engine Optimization.  
    Examining your marketing campaign results from Adwords can be an invaluable practice when it comes down to improving your business’ search engine ranking and optimization. Through the use of the Google adverts account, it is possible to examine details about search queries and keywords that can then be used to benefit your website’s search engine performance whilst ensuring your adverts are performing at their best.


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