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Online Review &
Reputation Management

Managing your reviews is crucial for maintaining a strong and trusted market presence.

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Online Review & Reputation Management

If you have – and you should – multiple social media accounts, a professional website, Google My Business listing, and any local online adverts, requesting reviews to all these mediums can be unpractical and extremely time-consuming. Trying to reply to all of those reviews will make you feel like you probably have a full-time job with little direct return and a potential problem for your business.

What if there was a way to manage your reviews more effectively. Collate them across all platforms, reduce the time-intensive requirements of maintaining a uniform rating system. This is important because it helps improve your search engine ranking credibility while also gathering raving reviews at the same time. 

Collecting The Right Reviews

We are partnered with Birdeye – a leading review and feedback platform that customers frequently turn to prior to making a purchase or dealing with a new company for the first time. Our online review and reputation management makes putting your best foot forward simple, every day.

This management service allows you to track all your reviews from a single platform, collate them and so much more. That hectic full-time job description above can now be filled from a single point easily and without massive time costings. The ability to request reviews from your customers is perhaps one of the most important features. It allows for easily contacting them via the platform, thanking them for their support and asking them to kindly leave you feedback.

Why You Get Help With
Online Review & Reputation Management

Trying to manage your reviews without a management service and through the use of platforms such as Birdeye can risk reviews slipping through the net without receiving a reply. As a trusted professional, you will understand only too well the importance of replying to both positive and negative reviews. This shows a willingness to solve problems and gratitude for the time taken to leave a review, usually increasing your company’s reputation and attracting further customers to your service or product.

By collating all your reviews and allowing the viewing and management of those reviews from a single platform, there is far less risk of any reviews being missed and going unaddressed.

A key feature of platforms such as Birdeye is the ability to request review feedback through the messenger chat as part of the feedback request system mentioned above. More and more customers are purchasing and communicating through social media platforms such as Facebook, so being able to ask them for feedback as soon as a conversation is concluded can be a huge benefit to your business.

How Reviews Affect SEO

If you are familiar with search engine optimization (if you are not, we have a comprehensive article which explains the intricacies of SEO) you will understand the necessity to generate off-site SEO feedback and links. By having a strong market presence and excellent credibility on sites such as Birdeye, Yelp, and Google My Business. Your SEO ranking will be directly influenced, pushing your company up the listings for the main search engines such as Google.


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