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Social Media

Social media is a primary communication method for some of the world’s leading businesses and therefore should be a crucial part of your business plan.

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Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as being a primary go to for many consumers are often the single best method of evaluating a company based on reviews, customer feedback and how well they engage across these social platforms.

  • Continuity
    Posting great content regularly maximizes the percentage of your followers on social media who will see your posts. Equally, by keeping your posting consistent and not spamming multiple and possibly irrelevant or boring posts into a social media world, you don’t risk disengaging potential or existing clients who become tired of seeing your posts. Establishing and maintaining a routine for posting high-quality content is vital to maximizing your potential across all social media platforms.

  • Customer Engagement
    Engaging positively with your existing customers, answering questions promptly and politely and generally putting a great example out for potential followers and business leads to view is an area where many businesses do not simply fall short, but rather fail dramatically. Maintain excellent engagement in order to provide window shoppers with an incentive to become actual shoppers.

  • Problem Solving
    Problems happen. Sometimes services aren’t up to standard. Whilst this is not desirable for any business, it does happen. Managing those problems, particularly on social media platforms where a problem faced by a single client can dramatically change thousands of people’s perspectives on your business is vital as part of a long-term social media marketing strategy.

  • Excellent Quality Content
    Similar to the method of using keywords for search engine optimization, high-quality media such as images and videos, as well as keeping your social media content-rich, engaging and up to date all factor into maintaining excellent quality content that will positively reinforce your social media marketing strategy.

  • Rewards for Regular Customers
    Regular customers are the backbone of many businesses, they are how your business has established itself to the point it is currently at after all. Social media marketing is vital for your business, returning customers equally so, with that in mind combine the two. Thank your customers for their sales leads by rewarding them. This is also a two-way street, which will be explored further below when examining incentives for clients to engage.

  • Incentives to Engage
    Rewarding regular customers for their loyalty is an excellent example of incentives that promote engagement across your social media channels. By running a promotion where participants can win prizes and stipulating in the terms they must share your page not only rewards your regular customers but increases your reach. By simply saying thank you, you have the potential to increase your client base dramatically, with minimal effort to do so.

Marketing your business through social media is vital if you wish to keep up with and aspire toward overtaking your competitors in terms of reputation and profitability. Above we have outlined some of the crucial aspects of a successfully marketed social media page.


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