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A website is your direct digital persona or that of your business. When you walk into a meeting and shake hands you will understand the importance of presenting a stellar first impression.

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In the digital world, it is the job of your website to provide that initial impression to a new or returning customer. Just because you have an existing client base you should not assume your website is providing the best impression and like all aspects of your business, you should always be trying to identify areas for improvement.

Many business owners focus primarily on their front page, the first thing you see when visiting a website and far less time on the content provided across secondary pages. Crucially, if less attention is paid to these secondary pages, the areas directly visible to viewers then how much time is likely to go into the unseen things such as search engine optimization, security measures, compatibility, and general housekeeping? All of these things directly affect your website’s search engine rating and can potentially be harmful to your goal of reaching a wider audience.

What key features should be implemented across every part of your website?

  • Easily accessible including being mobile friendly.
    More and more people are browsing the web on restricted view devices such as smartphones and tablets. In this restricted view provided by these devices, it is important that websites can automatically adapt to meet the display requirements. For example, your website should appear well aligned, clean and professional on a desktop computer, smartphone, and tablet.

    Other areas of accessibility include how easy it is for users to access information, have you buried something behind several links? The easier content is to find, the more likely someone will view it and the more likely it will show up on search engines.

  • Relevant and up to date
    A key piece of information on any website is the copyright date usually found within the footer text. We are in 2018 and if your website looks like it has not been updated since 2016, you run the risk of suffering in terms of search engine ranking and losing customers who think they have stumbled across a dead website.

    As time goes on changes will be implemented across your business and new information may become crucial to share with customers within your industry sector. Ensure that these changes are evident on your website to show your customers that you are staying up to date with changes to things such as legislation.

  • Are your security measures up to scratch?
    If you trade directly and ask customers for personal details your site must be secure. You would not want to risk entering your private information especially payment details anywhere online with questionable security measures. What you may not have considered is the effect of security measures on your search engine ranking. By installing the correct security certificate on your website and keeping it up to date your website will benefit from improved search engine optimization, particularly on Google.


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